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    The FAS Finanz Analytische Solutions GmbH is supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in establishing and operating an efficient IT infrastructure. Individual software complements standard software and supports you in the business and automates routine tasks. FAS Finanz Analytische Solutions GmbH offers 1C-based solutions on the successful 1C:Enterprise platform for the German market. Today, more than 1 million firms make good use of products based on the 1C Enterprise platform.

MUNICH Bavaria as an investment target of Russian SMEs: The IT company FAS Financial Analytical-Solutions GmbH from Yekaterinburg has opened a branch in Munich and made Bavaria the basis for the further expansion into Western Europe. Bavaria's Economics Minister Martin Zeil: "The investment of FAS is further proof that Bavaria is an ideal business location not only for local companies but also for companies from abroad. As one of the largest IT centers in the world, Bavaria offers ideal conditions for the development of new technologies and products."

FAS director Sergey Martyanov: “Bavaria has been one of the key IT partners in Russia for decades. Renowned Russian IT companies such as Kaspersky or Abby benefit for years by Bavaria’s advantages as a gateway to Western Europe. Speaking of our choosing Munich, - it is the central location in Europe as well as it has excellent transport links via the airport, train and car.
FAS will develop in Bavaria a software product which will allow the capture, management and control of the commercial activity in the retail trade and wholesale.”
Source: Invest in Bavaria

Russian IT firm makes Munich the basis for Western European expansion

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