Application Development - Business Intelligence

    This software for Business Intelligence (BI) is currently one of the most effective and easiest-to-use tools for management and different operations. It allows you to automate everyday tasks and to support a smooth company activity.

Our services in the area of application development are: design, development and implementation.

1C: Enterprise is a system of application solutions, which were designed according to uniform principles, based on a single technology platform. An executive employee can choose the current requirements of the undertaking appropriate solutions that grow with the company and accordingly increase automation requirements.

The research of the scalability and productivity (rus)

The relevant accounting and management tasks vary greatly according to the function of the activities of the company, the brunch of industry, the products and services, the structure and size of the company and the necessary high level of automation.
The versatility of the 1C: Enterprise system allows the development of standard size, special and custom configurations for executing various tasks related to the automation of business accounting.

The functionality of the system includes two distinct phases:

• Designer Mode: allows the setting up (configuring) the application task, managing the user list as well as backing up and restoring the information base.

• 1C: Enterprise Mode: allows the execution of actual working steps, for example, to account maintenance, to perform standard calculations and to construct reports. All the available options in this mode are determined by the configuration.

1C: Enterprise Development Software