1C: Enterprise 8 Software

    The 1C platform has undoubtedly changed after many years of successful use as a tool for building and automation of business processes. The standard configurations which were designed to guarantee 1C platform a fast start as the software for all the customer and shall provide, their performance. The training of staff and program control are minimally necessary. Program products on the 1C platform show worthy functionality. If the existing functions are not sufficient, the working expenses for program enlargement are minimal. You can develop an information system for your needs in a very short time and the process will be relatively inexpensive.

The software to build up client-server or file-server solution, depending on the delivery. The database system can be based on Microsoft SQL, IBM DM2, PostgreSQL for Linux. The product is a multi-user software and there is a possibility of working with terminal workstations under the operation system of the UNIX family. Operations can be performed remotely via internet as there is a web client. The program has an open structure, pursuant to license agreements the customer is entitled to modify the Software Product at his discretion. Protection against data theft and unauthorized use is governed by a key. Program language - English. The user manual and program interfaces are realized in German, English and Russian.
The product is usually integrated in a trading company during one year. The period can be shorter or longer, depending on the customer’s demands.

The software product is developed on the basis of “1C Trade Management 8”. The company 1С
in Russia creates software products for business management since 1990. There negotiations for the image of 1C production have been carried out in Europe and arrangements about the cooperation have been made. Mostly the business meetings took place at Cebit 2008.